Service Reviews & Testimonials

Sandra said:   February 28th, 2012

Hi Kelly, You were the best DOC a bride can ask for. And I can’t believe you sneaked in those pictures, you’re super-woman! I love the pics! We, especially I, am so grateful for all your help during our wedding. I could not imagine doing it without you. Thank you for your promptness, patience, and flexibility.

Dolores said:   May 24th, 2011

I had used Kelly and Marie for my wedding on May 14th of 2011 and I could not have been more happy with their service. Prior to my wedding I had contact with kelly almost on a daily basis. She answered any questions or concerns I had immediately via email. Kelly had put together my amazing card box which everyone absolutely loved!!! She also put together my programs for church and menu for the reception at Vineyard caterers with her own designer. Everything came out beautiful. The programs were classic with a little pop of color with a purple ribbon and the menu was very chic with purple black and white colors. I did not have any problems the day of the wedding everything was handled by both planners. Anything I needed they were there to help with. Kelly had a trusty little kit that had lots of little things my bridesmaids ended up needing…toothbrushes, floss, tape, tide to go pens…you get the point. She was prepared to help me in any way possible. She dealt with all my vendors so that I did not have to deal with any added stress. I HIGHLY recommend them and am very happy I used them to make my day even more special! Thank you so much Kelly and Marie for all the help you provided me!

Caroline’s Mom said:   April 18th, 2011

Kelly did a wonderful job with Caroline’s Fourth Birthday Party! Everyone loved the nail polish and the cookies. Caroline felt so special being with Kelly and being the Birthday Girl and all I did was enjoy the party! A wonderful party!

Kristen said:   April 12th, 2011

Kelly created some fantastically whimsical centerpieces for my charity fundraising event that were absolutely fabulous. She was very enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.


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