Sponsorship & Publications

Kelly is Published!


  • In 2011 an excerpt of my writing about being vegan was included in Healthy, Happy, Thin and Cool as a Cucumber: A Vegan Cookbook and Diet Guide by RichárdeKrystle Nicole Russin

It can be found on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble

Professional Counseling Publications

2008- New Jersey Journal of Professional Counseling  Premarital Counseling: Toward an Adlerian Model for Practice By W. Matthew Shurts and Kelly Kuehn (my maiden name)

Guest Blogs, Mentions and Featured Posts:

BlogHer: 6 Things I Learned in 6 Months of Mommyhood Featured on BlogHer.com

Parent Society: Organizationally Disorganized

Domestically Seasoned (guest post): Choosing a Safe Sunscreen

Wifessionals (Guest post): Choosing to Cloth Diaper

Hoppy Bottoms is just starting out but we are growing quickly. If you are in to that Quantitative Stuff here are the digits:

I launched Hoppy Bottoms  on February 4th, 2013 here are my numbers since then (as of May 28, 2013)…

2,000+ page views a month

40+ Unique visitors per day

600+ Pinterest followers

800+ Twitter followers

90+ Bloglovin’ fans

60+ Facebook Fans (slow but steady progress)

3-5 new posts per week.

I’d say we have grown leaps and bounds in 3 months!  We aren’t huge…yet. We are getting there, though.

The goal is to reach 2000 page views and 75 Bloglovin’ Fans in May!– this goal was reached before the month was over!

I would love to review your products or have you sponsor us (to sponsor see below). I promote/blog about cloth diapering, vegan living, personal wellness, pregnancy, parenting, counseling, animal welfare, environmental awareness and eco-friendly living. If you fall into one of those categories send your stuff my way!

Ads on Hoppy Bottoms 

To Purchase please e-mail me at hoppybottomATgmail.com

The Cloth Nappie: A 125×125 ad on the sidebar. $3/month (3 available each month)

The Diaper Service: 150×150 ad on sidebar and promotion of your blog via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest twice a week; one link for the monthly giveaway. $6/month (2 available each month)

My Cloth Diaper Stash:  200x200 ad on sidebar, promotion on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest twice a week, and a feature post! 2 Links for the monthly giveaway. $10/month (1 available each month)

If you have other ways you would like to connect…I am all ears! hoppybottomATgmailDOTcom

Business Relationships/Companies I have worked with

KC Invites & Design – Kristan, can also provide you with buttons and graphics for your blog. If you are interested contact me. She does great work. She designed my  business cards and is currently working on some buttons (much prettier than the ugly things I come up with) for me.

Beautifully Simple Designs

Pound Cakes

Sibu Beauty

Advantage Consulting Services

Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center

Sponsors & Sponsored

Domestically Seasoned


Frugal Fit Family


A Beautiful Exchange

Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

Jo, My Gosh!

Hairspray & High Heels

Once Upon a Giggle

I look forward to working with you!

If you want to work with Hoppy Bottoms consider sponsoring my 29 things for my 29th Birthday Giveaway in June. E-mail for more information: hoppybottomATgmailDOTcom

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