Parents Returning to Work (Outside of the Home)

Ready to Return to the Workforce?

If you are looking to return to work after being home with kiddos we can help you prepare a resume, write a cover letter and practice interview skills for a successful job search. I have 5 years of experience in career development. All services available virtually (e-mail/skype) or in person if you are local!

Remember being with kids was work you were just your own boss (sort of). I can help you highlight your transferable skills in your cover letter and resume. Nothing is more educational then learning how to clean poopy diapers, make dinner and pay bills all at the same time!

Resume Review – Do you have a resume that just needs some work? We can help!
First consultation (via e-mail) – $15
Second Review – $10
Further Reviews- Price TBD but I will work with you until the resume is perfect!
In person resume review prices vary.
Cover Letter Review
First Consultation (via e-mail) – $20
Second Review – $10
Further Review- Price TBD but I will work with you until the cover letter is perfect!
In person cover letter review prices vary.
Interview Skills – If you are out of practice or just looking for some feedback on your interview skills I can help!
3 step process (via skype)
 1-Meet to discuss concerns and interview topics
2-Mock Interview
3-Follow-up/Review session
Price – $50
In person interview skills meetings prices vary.
The Whole Package
If you would like guidance through the entire process of applying for jobs this package is for you.
Resume Review
Cover Letter Review
Interview Skills
Price – $100
We can discuss pricing and payments that meet your needs. I know being a parent doesn’t pay much (financially at least)!



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