Baby Planning & Prenatal Services

Baby Planning & Prenatal Services are available locally in the NY Metropolitan Area.

Some services are available via skype, phone and e-mail for those who are not local. 

Cloth Diaper Consultation

Cloth diapering is a commitment but it is well worth the time. We can help you make the choice that is right for you when it comes to cloth diapers. Introducing you to the different cloth choices and the tasks that come along with being a cloth diapering parent we can help you decide what will be best for your family. Tips regarding the use, storage, care and purchasing (and registering) of cloth diapers will be provided. You will also be introduced to all of the on-line communities and support groups (and there are a lot!). If you decide that cloth diapering is not for you we can help you choose an eco-friendly, toxin-free disposable diaper.

Consultation Starting Price: $75 (price may vary based on the needs of the client)

Cloth Diaper Duty is for those who want continued support during the first few weeks or months of cloth diapering after the initial consultation. This can include advice/tips for washing, stripping, and changing cloth diapers.

Starting Price: $25-$50 (Pricing varies depending upon the needs of the client)

Cloth diaper consultations can be done virtually via skype.

Registry Relaxation Package

Let us assist you in planning your baby registry for your bundle of joy. Whether you want an online registry, an in-store registry or a combination of both we are here to help so you don’t have to stress! We will help you decide what to register for, research the options to help choose the best and then we will create and manage your registry. We specialize in making eco-friendly and toxin-free product selections.

Starting Price: $150
(Pricing varies depending upon the needs of the client)

Registry relaxation can be done virtually via skype or even via e-mail and phone.

Nursery Organization Package
Once your friends and family find out you are expecting, the gifts will just start pouring in (yay)! What isn’t so exciting is putting everything away. This package is for the expectant mama or new parent who just doesn’t want to deal with organizing the nursery. We don’t assemble furniture or paint- but we will organize all of the clothing, toys and diapers in your little bundles room!

Starting Price: $150
(Pricing varies depending upon the needs of the client)

Bed Rest Stressed Package
If you are on bed rest but still need some extra hands to get things done to reduce your stress, we can help. Let one of our consultants serve as your baby concierge. The consultant will help with making final arrangements for the baby’s arrival as well as helping you to stay organized in those last days or weeks before your baby is born.
This package can be customized to meet the needs of the client. Length and breadth of service will be determined prior to signing of the contract.

Starting Price: $150
(Pricing varies depending upon the needs of the client)

Custom Package

If none of the above packages are exactly what you are looking for you can customize a package to meet your needs. Send us an e-mail and we will work with you to develop something that suits your needs.

Some custom services are available via skype, e-mail or phone.


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