About Vegan Mama-Eco Baby

On November 10, 2012, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl with the most spectacular head of hair. It was the greatest moment of my life (and also the most physically demanding thing I had ever done). Having a baby is amazing, exhausting and amazing.

The planner in me struggles with the fact that newborns don’t have schedules or at least not convenient schedules (i.e. waking up at 3am every morning to nurse). I will say, however, that preparing for baby can be outrageously fun. I became best friends with any website that reviewed baby products. My husband and I had to make a lot of decisions about how we wanted to parent our newborn/infant (very different from the kind of parenting that will be required in years to come): breastfeed or formula feed; disposable or cloth diapers; bassinet or crib; so many decisions.

There were so many things to consider and this blog is here to help you make those important decisions.

I hope to introduce you to a world of environmentally and economically friendly parenting, although the 2 don’t always go together! I will review products and also let Work at Home Moms (WAHMs) promote their products on my blog. After all, nothing makes a Mom feel better than helping another Mom out…we are all in this parenting thing together!

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