Finish the Sentence Friday

I hit a turning point in my life when…I became vegan.
A boring answer, I know. But it is completely true. If you ask my husband he will tell you I am a passionate person. When I decided to go vegan in 2011 it was an idea that grew into a passion, that grew into a complete way of life.
I found a true love for animals and for understanding nature, food and the environment. I don’t push it on others; that isn’t my way. But I will tell you I’m vegan if you ask why I didn’t order the burger or the ice cream. And if you ask why I’m vegan I will tell that too. So don’t ask me and then tell people that I get on my soap box about it- that isn’t true.
Veganism was a culmination of all of my varied interests and questions growing up. I was a childhood environmentalist, I wavered back and forth on meat eating because it always kind of grossed me out, I loved animals and I always wanted to be one of those “healthy” people. Being vegan just clicked for me. I didn’t expect to be easy, but it was. I didn’t expect it to come so naturally, but it did.
It started for my health and continued because of my love and respect for all things living. Yes, fruits & vegetables are living too, but let’s not get crazy…
Finish the Sentence Friday

9 thoughts on “Finish the Sentence Friday

  1. Kelly, thank you so much fro sharing how you decided to become a vegan and love how passionate you are about this. So happy to have you join us and do hope you will join in the fun in the weeks coming up, too!! 🙂

  2. Your enthusiasm and contentment about veganism shows in your writing. I would like to know if there are any good sites on becoming vegan that you could recommend.

  3. I remember when I went vegan. It was definitely a life changing event, and it really improved my health. But it also gave me a sense of peace. I’m no longer responsible for the suffering of animals, and for an animal lover like me (and you) that’s a great feeling.

    Great post, I don’t know how I missed your blog, but I’m totally following you now!

  4. I’m so glad you found something that fits with who you are- it sounds like you have the perfect philosophy, both in becoming vegan, and in how/when/if you share your choices with others! Glad you linked up with us!

  5. Sounds like a perfect fit. I don’t like that old vegan joke about how you know someone is a vegan, because they will tell you. I respect that not everyone does that. Heck, my mom hates cilantro (so do I) and we can’t tell people enough. So that’s pretty annoying. Good for you for your lifestyle!

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