May Round Up & June Goals- I Heart Goal Setting!

So, my goals for May were as follows (you can read the full post here)

Blogging Goals for May 2013

I am feeling pretty successful right now! (patting myself on the back)

Some things I planned to Blog about in May:

Goals for June:

Please join the June Giveaway 29 Things for my 29th Birthday! It will go live this week. Join for only $4 OR contribute an item to the giveaway and get 2 links. I would really love for some WAHMs to contribute some of their awesome products/services. This way they get free advertising on my blog! Hurry up! Here is the form:

Advertise on Hoppy Bottoms – Considering how fast this blog is growing I think it is a smart investment! If you advertise this month you get 2 free links in the giveaway. 

Stay tuned…I will update you at the end of the month and let you know if I have achieved my goals!

I LOVE comments, so talk to me… What do you want to see on the Vegan Mama Eco Baby Blog at Hoppy Bottoms? Have questions about diapering, “natural” products, being vegan, being pregnant, event planning? Shoot! I will answer and you may even inspire a blog post (for which I will reward you with ad space…)!


One thought on “May Round Up & June Goals- I Heart Goal Setting!

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