This Was a Big Week: Let’s Round ‘Em Up!

Wow…phew…this week was busy and exciting.

Monday (post was on Tuesday)  was the Greening Our Children event to raise money for the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC). This is the event I can’t stop talking about because I got to meet/talk to Jessica Alba. In honor of that event I started a Greening Our Families Blog Hop with my friend Heather over at Frugal Fit Family. We also started a group Pinterest board for pinning green, eco-friendly, toxin free products. Read the post to see Jessica Alba pictures and join the Blog Hop/Pinterest Board here. I do hope you will join- we want to hear/see your ideas!

Jessica Alba

Wednesday I posted about the $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. Enter here!

Thursday you learned about my homemade cloth wipe solution.

wipe solution collage

The Big May Giveaway is still going on. If you want to win free ad space for your blog (on 3 different sites!) and a Whole Foods Gift Card jump in! Enter here.


Next Week is going to be Vegan Mama in the Kitchen Week. I will be posting some simple (mostly simple) vegan recipes and some information about baby food. I am far from being considered a good cook – so don’t shy away. These recipes will be for the Mom with no time (all of us), an itsy bitsy budget (most of us), little skill (some of us), and healthy appetites (…).

OH! I will also be including a challenge- Do you have a particular recipe you love but that isn’t vegan? Let me help you with that…Leave your recommended non-vegan recipe in the comments below. I will pick 1 or 2 of the suggestions, veganize them and post it on the blog. If I pick your suggestion I will include your button and links to your blog, FB and Pinterest in the post! Woot-woot! Free advertising, just for suggesting that I make food!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and I hope to see you on our group Pinterest Board!

With the help of some devoted fans (and family) we have been staying alive on Top Mommy Blogs. If you like this blog please vote for me here.

top mommy 150

Enter here to win Ad Space on the Funny PostPartum Lady and 6 others here


I <3 Comments! Leave me a message and I will respond. Leave me a link to your blog/site and I will visit. I like to spread the love!

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