Homemade Cloth Wipes Solution

Cloth wipes were always something I planned on doing. Finally, I told myself that after I finished the 2 boxes of 4 – 100 wipe packages (that is 800 wipes for those if you who aren’t so good at math) that I bought for $12 at Babys R Us, I was going to make the wipes myself. A good deal is a good deal and I didn’t want to be wasteful.

There are a lot of homemade wipe solution recipes out there. Before totally committing I was using the occasional cloth wipe for a poopy diaper, because I found them to be more durable. I would just spray the wipe with water from a water bottle  that I keep on the changing table.  I liked that I only used water, because grown ups don’t use anything, so why wouldn’t the water do the job for the baby? But babies have sensitive skin and you always want to make sure they are really clean and fresh. So after reviewing MANY MANY different solution mixtures I put together something from what I had at home. It has been working wonderfully. FYI you don’t need to buy anything labeled “Reusable Wipes” just use baby wash clothes – they work perfectly!

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I put the water and other ingredients in and swirl them around. I then place the cloth wipes in the container and squish them down to help them soak up some of the solution. Then I add a little more water to get the top wipes a little more saturated. Sometimes, I flip the wipes over if I feel they aren’t saturated enough so they can get to some of the water at the bottom. The first time I did this I over saturated the wipes and they were dripping every time we took one out. So I follow the less is more theory here. I actually keep a spray bottle with the solution in it on the changing table as well. If I get to a wipe that isn’t wet enough I just give it a couple of sprays.

I have also used these wipes to clean Eco-baby’s little neck rolls, a lot of food gets in there! Because of the anti-bacterial properties of the tea tree oil in the solution it helps to keep her from getting a rash or an infection from food and gunk getting stuck in her baby fat (which is so cute!).

We keep a small bucket on the changing table for the wipes. Wipes used to clean up pee don’t really smell. Wipes used to clean up a poopy diaper get rinsed and thrown in the DRY bucket in the bathroom where we keep rinsed poopy diapers until we wash them.

When we are on the go we throw the dirty wipes in the waterproof “wet bag” that we use for her diapers. We send disposable wipes to daycare and most of the time we use those when we are on the road. The last time I put some of the wipes with solution in the travel wipe container it leaked all over.

Give it a try and tell me what you think! Do you have a different mixture that you find works?







9 thoughts on “Homemade Cloth Wipes Solution

  1. This is great! My kids don’t like the smell of tea tree oil at all, but you can use some essential oil to help mask it. My Baby Girl is in the potty training stage, so this solution will be helpful. Thanks. I’m now following via bloglovin. =0)

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  3. This is so great thanks for sharing!! I intend to try it. I’m always complaining about how sensitive my baby girls skin is after a few wiping a throughout the day using the store bought ones.

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