Greening Our Children and other Successes at Hoppy Bottoms

Recently, I was reminded by another blogger via a very inspirational post that it is OK to promote yourself and your accomplishments. We should be proud of what we do. And I work hard so I am going to brag a little…



  1. I am holding my first BIG giveaway, where my friends from Hairspray and High Heels, The Frugal Fit FamilyA Beautiful Exchange and Advantage Consulting Services are all chipping in! Check them (and the giveaway) out.
  2. Yesterday, my post was featured on BlogHer! Wow! I can’t believe it. BlogHer is a large, respected community of women bloggers. And to have them feature my post was reassuring that maybe I have made a good decision to start this blog.
  3. I am co-hosting the Fun Friday Blog Hop with The Pink Momma and Home For 4 Sweet Home. Head on over and link-up!
  4. The Guest Post about choosing wedding invitations from Kristan at KC Invitations and Designs was linked on a wedding website.
  5. The Get to Work!: Counseling and Blogging Career Series came to and end but it was very well received. It has been submitted to the American Counseling Association as an entry for the Counseling Awareness Month Publicity Contest.
  6. I have already surpassed some of my May Blogging goals:
    • Goal: Increase FaceBook Fans from 27-50. I hit 52 this morning! Head on over and give me the thumbs up if you haven’t already… when I hit 100 I will do a lil somethin’
    • Goal: Hit 2000 Page views for May. (not much but a good start). I am already halfway there AND have surpassed my page views for the entire month of April!.
    • Goal: Increase my Bloglovin’ Followers from 30-75. I am currently at 54. Have you visited me on Bloglovin’ yet?
    • Goal: Increase daily views from 40ish to 75ish. Currently my average is 65 per day. Almost there…

I have been working hard on this little ole blog and it has been paying off. The biggest payoff though, is this Monday when I will be attending

 2013 Greening Our Children Luncheon

Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC) conducts research and supports programs to find the environmental causes of childhood diseases. Obviously, for someone like me who is trying to promote living as “toxin free” as possible, this is a big deal.  There will be two educational seminars: Organic Food for Thought: A Seminar for Parents of Young ChildrenChemicals in Our Cabinets: A Seminar for Parents of Teens and Tweens as well as an Expo with “green” vendors. Some of you might be thinking, “yawn. sounds boring.” But I like to learn (I better since I start my PhD in a few months!). Oh yea, and I also get to meet Jessica Alba.

Yup, meet her, like in real life. As you may know, I love The Honest Co line of products. I get the monthly delivery and they are pretty much the only products I use on Eco Baby. Jessica is being given the Mount Sinai Champion for Children Award for her work with The Honest Co. I have been invited as a blogger to an exclusive meet and greet! I will be live tweeting at #greenchildren from the event – I hope you will follow! If I get the chance, I might even remind her that she broke my blender

Wish me luck. I have never live tweeted before…yikes! I am officially a social media nut (maybe more millenial then I care to admit). I have to thank my friend over at Working on Working Mom for this opportunity.

Next week in honor of this event The Frugal Fit Family and Hoppy Bottoms will be holding a Greening Our Families Link up. We hope you will join us and link up your posts about what you do to minimize your impact on the environment, live toxin-free and/or eat green. Next week I will be posting pictures and a review of my experience at the Greening Our Children luncheon and then I will provide the details for the link up.

OK. I am feeling pretty accomplished right now. Maybe I should go clean the bathroom while I feel motivated…nah! Actually, I need to find an outfit that hides my remaining baby weight for this event. Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Greening Our Children and other Successes at Hoppy Bottoms

  1. Thanks for visiting me today! I’ll be here regularly. As for hiding remaining baby weight – it’s pretty hard this time of year. I do a lot of maxi dresses!

  2. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! You inspired me last month to write down my goals for this month and it feel so good to check those accomplishments off as I complete them!
    I’m looking forward to Monday it should be a great time!

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