Friday FOLLOW Along Party

It’s PARTY Time!

So grab a hand and follow the leader!

If you have a blog or website with any article pertaining to family,
fitness, being cheap (I mean frugal), crafting, recipes, or is just plain fun….

Click below and add your name to the list!
If you can not see the link entry…click the colored title to this post and it will appear!
  •  There are no real rules-except nothing x rated!
  • Link up at least 1 post AND 1 social media site so we can all follow along!
  • Visit as many links as you can and leave comments!
  • Its just like the game Follow the leader. Follow at least the person ahead of you and behind you. Follow others via twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, etc
  • Link back if you can!   Not required but appreciated!
  • If you have a blog hop today or this weekend…go ahead and link it up!

If you need a button…Take a button!

Have you been Featured??? Grab this button!

Follow your co-hosts:
Leah Inspired                   Hoppy Bottoms
 Leah Inspired

Want to check out some features…


Check out OH Mrs. Tuckers’ take on the Nose Frieda!

Torture device, parents best friend, enemy to snot?!?!

Click here if you dare to read more about it!
OR Hit Up the cool story from ….


Do your daughter’s  know how to change a tire then make dinner?

Read more about Empowered Traditionalist!

And Finally….DESSERT!
Niki’s Sweet Side
Brought us a few different ice cream recipes
That are too good to miss out on!

Check out this Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream 



The first link is for your post…the second is for a social media link!


9 thoughts on “Friday FOLLOW Along Party

    • I fixed it on my page. I didn’t write up the posting- so when you wrote that I was like “what is she talking about?” Then I went back to the page for the blog hop and I realized it was spelled wrong. 🙂

      • Lol, no worries girl! 🙂 I didn’t even notice the first time I read through the page ha! I went back to link up and grab a button, and was like “Wait, that’s not my name!” lol! Thanks for fixing it on your page, you’re fast! And p.s., LOVE your blog! I have to go back again later when I have more time and check out all your cool stuff! 🙂

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