FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers Honors Autism Awareness

If you didn’t already know, I love FuzziBunz. They make up the majority of my (Eco Baby’s) cloth diaper stash.

Like any good company, FuzziBunz likes to give back. They do this by supporting Autism Speaks, a national organization dedicated to supporting autism research.  To kick off Autism Awareness Month (which was in April) Autism Speaks runs the Light it Up Blue campaign to shine a light on the importance of supporting families living with Autism and to support research.

What does this have to do with FuzziBunz? Well, they changed the name of their blue Big Sky diaper to Light It Up Blue and $1 from every Light It Up Blue diaper that is purchased goes to Autism Speaks. Check out the Autism Awareness board FuzziBunz has on Pinterest. Cute babies wearing blue diapers!

Light it up blue fuzzibunz one size

Light it Up Blue diaper. Picture is from shop.fuzzbunz.com

They have been doing the Light It Up Blue campaign since 2011 but recently, they have announced a new campaign to support Autism Awareness.  Coming soon, are FuzziBunz limited edition Swirl and Puzzle Piece prints! Every cloth diapering parent loves a new print especially one that supports a social cause! They haven’t been released for sale yet but here is a picture from the FuzziBunz Facebook page:

FuzziBunz Swirl and Puzzle Piece diapers to support Autism Awareness

So…Like FuzziBunz on Facebook, join the mailing list and sit tight for the announcement of the new LIMITED EDITION prints. Get ’em while they’re hot!

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