Get to Work! – Career Counseling Series Part VII: Professional Communication

We’re almost there! We have made it through the first 7 steps (6 parts) of the Career and Blog Counseling Series in honor of Counseling Awareness month. April ended but the series must go on!

Defining Success
Career Goal Setting
Creating a Plan
Career Research
Resume Writing
Cover Letter Writing
Informational Interviews

Get to Work! – Career Counseling Series Part VII: Professionalism

Remember to be professional in all forms of communication.

Even if you are very friendly with a brand or employer always remain professional when you communicate via e-mail and phone. It is really easy to fall into bad habits especially when you are rushing or multitasking, but remaining professional is of the utmost importance. You never know when an e-mail might come back to haunt you!

Here are some samples of what you want to avoid in an e-mail to a company, employer, professor, etc.

 I couldn’t finish the exam because I never knew I had to declare my major first and plus I have to finish the other two classes so I have to wait next year to get into the program 

Also I was thinking to do a minor but I don’t know what.

  Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

This is a real e-mail I received from a COLLEGE student in a career counseling course. I didn’t change anything for effect; this is exactly how I received it.

What is wrong with the e-mail?

  • I don’t know WHO sent it unless the person’s name is “my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry”


Take a look at this one…

hi kelly i dont want to apply for the job at psch i want to apply for another i job i saw on the career services website two positon when i see you on monday i will show you the position i attached my resume for you to be able to review it 

  • Still no punctuation
  • “i”

email etiquette


I know we shorten things to make them fit on twitter but when we write e-mails let’s try and keep it classy or at a minimum…professional.


Phone Communication
There are 3 key rules when communicating by phone:
  1. Identify yourself –
    • “Hi, my name is Stan Best and I am calling to set-up an interview.”
    • NOT “Hi,I want to talk to someone to interview me right now.”
  2. Don’t hang up when someone answers. I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory.
  3. Leave a working phone number that YOU (or someone with a good attitude) answer. Answering the phone “Who is this?” is unacceptable.
And if you want a review for communicating in person please go back to part VI of this series particularly the video.
career counseling series
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3 thoughts on “Get to Work! – Career Counseling Series Part VII: Professional Communication

  1. Visiting from SITS. I didn’t know it was Counseling Awareness month in April! I love helpful blogs like this. I’m a career woman, but then after my second child the juggle became too crazy, so I am now freelancing and am enjoying the flexibility that allows so that I can enjoy my boys. I’m sure you have, but have you read Lean In yet? I’m reading it now and find it very inspiring. Keep up the great work!!

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