My Cara Box & the Winner of the Sibu Beauty Facial Cleanser

Last night when I got home, it had finally arrived…my Cara Box!

The Cara Box Exchange is arranged by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. The Cara Box is a themed care package exchange. Each person sends a box of goodies to the person assigned to them. The person who you send a package to is not the person who sends a package to you. This month the theme was “Go Green” which was perfect for me. I mentioned the Cara Box I sent to my partner over at J’aime Boutique here (It was almost a fail…almost).

So what was in the box I received from Meagan at Out with the Map?

Well, it was pretty darn awesome…

  1. Kodiak Cakes Cookie Mix
  2. Cute Notecards (on recycled paper)
  3. Aloe and Green Tea room Spray — smells delicious!
  4. Envirosax reusable bag. — I have always wanted one of these. I have a million reusable grocery bags but these are way cuter. I was VERY excited to receive it.
  5. The Gnarly Whale Organic Lip Balm. This stuff is AWESOME! The scents are really, really amazing. The “Asian Pear” balm made me feel like I was in the produce section at the grocery store with every bin filled with pears. So good. I think I will be putting my Honest Co. Organic Lip Balms aside for awhile to use The Gnarly Whale balms instead!

Meagan did a really good job of looking through my blog and she paid attention to the fact that I wasn’t just a blog but I was also trying to start a business. Thank you so much Meagan – I love it!


Now I would like to announce the winner of the Sibu Beauty Facial Cleanser…

Angela over at Working On/Working Mom is the winner!





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