Cruelty Free Natural Beauty- Sibu Beauty

Finding good skin care products isn’t easy. Finding cruelty free skin care products is even more difficult. My home is not completely cruelty free but the plan is to make it that way over time. So, now when I buy products I look for the Leaping Bunny or Cruelty Free/Vegan Bunny with the Pink Ears. It isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always cheap but I find it is worth it for my health, the safety of my family and of course for the animals. Just for fun…watch this clip (it is 8 second long).

I have mostly clear but very sensitive skin so I choose my products carefully.   St. Ives was my exfoliater of choice. They clearly stated on their label that they did not test on animals and they are inexpensive.  Unfortunately, they were bought by Unilever who DOES TEST ON ANIMALS. Some people say that they still don’t test the final product on animals but that doesn’t mean that the development process doesn’t include animal testing. In any case I will be skipping their products from now on. From what I am reading, the issue is that some countries REQUIRE animal testing in order to sell products. So, if a company wants to sell in that country they have to start using animal testing practices. Yuck! You can read more about that here.

Now that my go to product of choice was no longer cruelty free, I was in a pickle. So, I was elated when Sibu Beauty contacted me to try out their all natural, cruelty free, vegan Facial Cleanser.


Omega 7 is found abundantly in the sea buckthorn berry, the key ingredient in all Sibu Beauty products, in addition to the more common Omega’s 3, 6, and 9.  All four of these are critical in providing cellular support for healthy skin, hair and nails.

I have been using the Sibu Facial Cleanser for about a month and I love it.


1. It is light and gently exfoliates. There are tiny beads in the cleanser and they are super gentle. Not like scrubbing with other rough exfoliating cleansers (St. Ives…). This cleanser did not irritate my rosacea or make my skin super red like others, especially those that exfoliate, have done in the past.


2. A little bit goes a long way. One tiny pump covers my neck and face. So this stuff will last forever.

3. It smells YUMMY! I generally buy fragrance free but Sibu is all natural and the scents come from essential oils. It is a light and airy orange smell. Not overpowering, just right.

The box said to use day and night. I like to follow instructions (such a good two-shoes!) so I started out using it in the morning and before bed. My sensitive skin couldn’t handle that despite how gentle I found the cleanser to be. So now I only use it once a day. In general I wash with a cleanser once a day and then rinse with water only at night. That is all my skin needs. So, I think my face started to freak when product was being applied twice a day.

I also love a company that gives back and Sibu Beauty happens to be one of those companies. In honor of Earth Day they are donating 10% of all website sales to until April 26. Awesome. Go to their website now and stock up! Make a Mother’s Day gift basket or buy something for your Administrative Assistant (today, April 24 is Administrative  Professional’s Day…). Read more about this on the Sibu Beauty Blog.

And because they are so generous YOU can WIN a free All-Natural, Cruelty Free, Vegan Sibu Facial Cleanser. Click on the link below to enter and tell your friends!

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7 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Natural Beauty- Sibu Beauty

  1. Ugh that’s sad St. Ives now tests on animals. I don’t get why that’s even an option.

    It sounds like this worked out well for you! I’m trying to get into more natural products myself. Also, if you’re looking for other cruelty free cosmetics NYX is great!

  2. I’m still learning about natural products (through your site!) but hope to make better choices in the future as I need to replace products.

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