Happy Earth Day! #earthday2013 #gogreen

Today is Earth Day!

What exactly is Earth Day? It is when everyone, around the world, pitches in to keep our planet clean and beautiful. This can be done in many, many ways on both a small and large scale. The theme of Earth Day this year is The Face of Climate Change. Watch this video to learn more:

Let me show you what makes me sad (and what makes Earth Day so important):

I took these picture while walking Eco-Baby to a park that is half a block away. I can’t believe that people litter like this. These are yards in front of homes and fences next to parks and homes. Look at all of the garbage behind that fence! And the creek! Oh, that creek could be so beautiful but instead people choose to use it as a trash can. I want to cry when I see ducks in it trying to swim around the trash. Those of you who are parents, I hope you are teaching your children about the importance of being responsible and not littering. I hope that I can instill that sense of pride in keeping the earth clean in Eco-Baby as she gets older.

The thing with something as big and national as EARTH DAY is that people don’t feel like they can or need to do anything because everyone else is already doing it. But the truth is, Earth Day should be everyday. And here are some SIMPLE things you can do, daily, to ensure that your children have clean air and a beautiful place to live. None of these tips are new, but sometimes we all need to be reminded. Look at those pictures of the litter again to remind yourself how prevalent the problem is and then spread the word. Share this, Pin this, post it everywhere!

I hope you decide to do something fun for Earth Day- make it a Holiday for your kids. You can even make Earth Day cupcakes (http://pinterest.com/pin/35536284532290872/)


How are you celebrating Earth Day or pitching in to keep this earth green and blue? I would love to hear your ideas or see your photos. If you are participating or doing some sort of local clean-up send me pictures! I would love to create a Pinterest board and then post about all of the wonderful things that people do – this will encourage more people to join in!


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