Some Things I Love: A Simple Sunday Post

Today I thought I would just tell you about some of my favorite people/companies/organizations. Free promotion for them; easy fun posting for me! View their sites and Pinterest pages for fun.

Party Planning

KC Invitations & Design – Invitations for all occasions! Kristan, the owner (and my BFF) uses a company called Envelopments for her paper. They are eco-friendly and use recycled materials; sometimes they even use tree-free paper. My kinda company.

Check out Kristan of KC Invitations and Design on Pinterest, too!

Samples of her work:

Wedding Invitation

Christening Invitation


#Cakes (pound cakes) – Custom made cakes. And they don’t just look pretty, they are delicious! The baker just happens to be sister (<3). She is very talented. Here is her Pinterest



3 tier 50th Birthday Cake























Beautifully Simple Designs– “Cakes” for baby and bridal showers made from diapers, towels, and other things on registries. She also makes tutus and knit hats. Brooke from BSD has been kind enough to provide for some giveaways on I ❤ her and have known her for a long time. Her Pinterest.


OK. So it just happens that I knew all those people. But they have no idea they I am doing this post!


Health and Beauty Products

The Honest Co. – I know I talk about them a lot. But I truly love them. Everything I have tried was great. I currently receive the monthly Family Essentials Bundle and I have liked all of the products. As a parent, it feels good to use safer products on my baby. As a grown-up it feels good to use the products on myself.

The Honest Co. Family Essentials Discovery Kit

The Honest Co. Family Essentials Discovery Kit


Earth Therapeutics – I received an Earth Therapeutics gift set for Christmas this year. And I was surprised by how much I loved it. Then recently, I bought their Antibacterial Body Sponge and I LOVE IT! Try out some of their stuff. You might be able to find it in stores. I found the sponge at Whole Foods and I think the gift set might have come from Kohls.

Aloe Slippers

Antibacterial Sponge

Antibacterial Sponge


And don’t forget about me…Party PlanningBaby Planning and my Pinterest (a shameless plug I know but helping my sister with her wedding has reminded me how much I love it!)

These aren’t the only companies I like but I thought I would throw them a quick shout-out today. This way you can spend your Sunday at the computer shopping, pinning, planning 😉

(I am not affiliated with any of these companies and did not receive any compensation for this post)