Creating a Personalized Wedding Organizer

I ❤ weddings. I love planning, organizing, tackling DIY projects, choosing designs, and making timelines. That is why I decided to start an event planning and coordination business a few years ago. Weddings in the New York Metropolitan area are well, they are their own monster. And I love it! Even the crazy brides can be fun…

See my Pinterest for some of the items I have made for events

So, when my sister Brittany decided last week that she would be getting married THIS September I was SUPER excited. Now I get to kick into planning mode.

We are going dress shopping tonight and meeting with Kristan from KC Invitations and Design (who also happens to be my best friend) to consult about invitations. Everything is happening quickly – because it has to.

Brittany has been stressing a bit about getting everything done given the short amount of time. The planner in me thought it would be a great idea to create a personalized organizer for her (plus I love DIY projects!). There are a million planners/organizers on the market. Some are better than others. Some are pricier than others. There are giant binders that can overwhelm you and little books that are so impersonal. You can always use online lists and checklists from places like or but I wanted to make something just for her.

I searched through my closet and came up with a binder, some paper, scrap paper and sheet protectors and Voila! a personalized (free) planner was born. I wish I had more time to dig for pretty ribbon and things to decorate it with, but I wanted to give it to her tonight when I see her.

It isn’t quite complete. I want to add sections about planning a honeymoon and some additional resources for purchasing things but this does the job for now. In addition to the pictures below I also included a section for her to stick any clippings and photos she was using for inspiration and instructions for obtaining the marriage license. I made this with my sister in mind and knowing what she needed. You can personalize something similar based on your needs.

Let me know what you think and please PIN anything you like 😉


Cover of the Wedding Organizer

Cover of the Wedding Organizer

Simple Checklist

Simple Checklist – Created as a “big picture” planning tool. I created this because my sister kept telling me she was afraid she was forgetting something. This puts all of the important to-do items in one place.

Vendor and Venue Contracts and Payment Dates

Vendor and Venue Contracts and Payment Dates – behind this is a plastic sheet protector for her to stick all of the contracts in. The purple is a plastic divider I found.





Wedding Party Planner

Wedding Party Planner

The Details

The Details


Vendor Checklist

Vendor Checklist

Month Before Checklist

Month Before Checklist

planner Extras page







What to Bring on Your Wedding Day

What to Bring on Your Wedding Day


































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