Spring is in the Air: Be “Aware” this April

Here in the NY Metropolitan area the weather isn’t quite to my spring liking yet. It is still a little too cold and a little too windy. But with the potential arrival of warmer weather, beautifully blooming flowers, and the sun shining I am reminded of some really important things that are happening in April.

My sister’s birthday. Ok, that isn’t important to you but it is important to me. She turned 23 on Monday and I still can’t believe it. Her birthday is April 1st, but I have passed the stage in my life when I feel the need to pull a prank on her just because it is April Fool’s Day. I did enough harm when we were younger…

These things are happening in April. Read the snapshots below and wait on the edge of your seat for a full post about each one…

Earth Month:  April is Earth Month an extension of Earth Day (which is on April 22). Earth deserves all day every day but I will take a month long celebration of environmental awareness and eco-friendly promotions. Event activities are held in Union Station in Washington D.C.

taken from: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20130114005949/en/Union-Station-Celebrate-Earth-Month-2013

April is Earth Month!


Earth Day: April 22nd. Go here for more info.


Counseling Awareness Month: I have mentioned in other posts that I have a degree in counseling. Personal wellness is very important to me. I will post more about counseling and counseling awareness month later but for now I would like to take a poll (this will be part of my topic post when I write it :)):

April is pretty much “Awareness Month”- Autism Awareness, National Child Abuse Prevention, Parkinson’s Awareness, Alcohol Awareness, Sexual Assault Awareness…and the list goes on. They are ALL important I just choose the things that are nearest to my heart.



2 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air: Be “Aware” this April

  1. Hi! I know what you mean about Spring! Here in SC, we’re finally going to see some signs of it next week! I agree, our earth deserves to be celebrated every day, but like you, I’ll take a month, lol! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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