Greening Easter with #EcoEggs

Eco-Baby is only 4.5 months old. So, when I was thinking about Easter I was trying to figure out how I could make her first one cute, but not wasteful. She is too young for candy or food and she already has a lot of toys. I also started to put some thought into the idea of Easter eggs. Growing up I colored eggs, decorated them, wrote my name and other funny little things. Probably even wrote “Kelly & Steve” on a few before I was married. Now though, I look at everything through the lens of a vegan, a wanna-be green liver and most importantly, a Mom. After some research and some thought I decided against coloring eggs and also against buying the cheap plastic eggs. Here are my reasons (not in any particular order):

  1. It would be completely wasteful:
      • I am vegan. I do not eat eggs
      • My husband does not eat hard boiled eggs
      • Eco-Baby is 4.5 months old. So, she also does not eat eggs
  2. Food/Egg dyes are incredibly questionable. In the past certain colors have been banned and there are petitions out to ban food dye all together. Why waste an egg while also exposing yourself and your child to possibly toxic chemicals. Read linked articles below for more information.
  3. It makes a mess and stains your fingers/clothes. Messes can be fun if they are for a good reason; I don’t think this qualifies.
  4. So many times, the colors don’t even come out that great.
  5. There are TONS of ways to get vibrantly colored Easter eggs…naturally. You know I love that! And you don’t have to buy expensive natural kits either, just use produce!
  6. The plastic Easter eggs also seem wasteful, they are cheaply made in other countries and I don’t like them.

But, I needed to come up with an alternative. I will not deny my little one Easter even if she has no idea what it is yet. In my research I came across Eco Eggs: They are made in the USA from plants and are non-toxic and compostable. They can be ordered from their website. Now, the one disappointing feature is that they have to be purchased by the case.  But they last forever and I won’t have to worry about buying eggs for Easter ever again.

A Box of a Dozen Eco Eggs

A Box of a Dozen Eco Eggs

Top of the Eco Egg

Top of the Eco Eggs Box




They are a really good size. Larger than the typical plastic egg you can buy at the store; on the website they give you the different in measurements. They are sturdy. They can sometimes be a little tough to open/close- which is good because it means they stay shut when they are filled with goodies! There are 5 colors: a dark yellow, light purple, pink, blue, and green. With some markers (non-toxic) and stickers, they can easily be decorated. I plan to make some creations with them for Easter- I will share next week!

Inside the Eco

Inside the Eco Egg

The 5 Different Eco Eggs

The 5 Different Eco Eggs Colors











Now, there are some of you out there who think this is silly. But my goal is to be as green as possible and if that means buying Easter eggs made from 100% renewable content, that are also compostable, then I am going to do it (within my budget of course). If you think I am being ridiculous, read this article, the writer agrees with you.

If you don’t want to buy Eco Eggs but would like to “green” your Easter some other way, read this article, there are some great suggestions for having a sustainable Easter celebration; the article includes additional alternatives to dying real eggs for Easter.

You can also find other kinds of Easter “Eggs” on

And if you want some of my Eco Eggs, let me know. I have A LOT of them!


Source: viaHoppy Bottoms on Pinterest

Happy Easter!


5 thoughts on “Greening Easter with #EcoEggs

  1. Love it! I will definitely be checking them out for Sylvia next year. My little one is only 7 weeks old, my mom got her an easter basket but it’s full of socks and toys lol I agree about the toxins, that stuff is so controversial it is not worth the risk when there are fun alternatives!

  2. Eco-Eggs! What an *awesome* concept! I am not vegan, but I agree with you 100% on the topic of using more and wasting less. I absolutely hate wasting anything – that goes for pieces of scrapbooking paper to last night’s dinner. I commend you on your efforts!

    Also – Thank you so much for visiting last week and making my SITS Day extra special! I’m happy to have connected with you 🙂

    Hoppy Easter!


    P.S. I’d love it if you would like me on Facebook!

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