#EarthHour 2013 – Small Steps, Big Changes

There are so many ways to try and commit to being more eco-conscious or saving the planet. It can get very overwhelming. So overwhelming that you just give up completely. I just finished reading, The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. She gives great tips and lists of things to avoid but even condensed into an easy to read book you can start to feel as if your head is going to explode with all of the earth friendly living motivation oozing out onto the ground.

Whether you are someone who does small things (like me) like recycling and trying not to use plastic water bottles; or someone who goes big: only buying natural products, always buying used items and never making any waste, we are all making a difference.

Earth Hour started in Australia in 2007 and his since expanded globally. During the designated time (local) those who participate pledge to shut off their lights for an hour. This is a symbolic gesture to show commitment to creating a more sustainable world. It goes beyond this though- you can pledge or even better, create a pledge, to do more. These are called “I Will if You Will” challenges. And all you have to do is create a video explaining your pledge and get the word out. Learn more by watching this video.

I actually find the video to be very moving. And although I have no idea how they figured out the statistic “The world is using the equivalent of 1.5 planets to support life on earth” it doesn’t matter because I know we live excessively.

What kind of impact does earth hour have? Lets review some of information provided on earthhour.org

In Uganda, the world’s first Earth Hour Forest was allocated with 2700 hectares of land, challenging Ugandans to fill it with 500,000 trees to fight against the 6000 hectares of deforestation that occurs in the country every month. Standard Chartered Bank (250,000 trees), the Ugandan Minister of Water Environment (1,000 trees) and many individuals have taken on the challenge.


The Russian parliament passed a long-awaited law to protect the country’s seas from oil pollution in December, after the voices of 120,000 Russians were presented to the government during the I Will If You Will campaign for Earth Hour 2012.


The Former President of Botswana and Earth Hour Botswana coordinators Wena Environmental Education and News Trust, recently launched a project called ‘One Million Trees-Plant For Life’ as part of our I Will If You Will campaign. The project will rehabilitate degraded lands through the planting of more than one million trees over four years in Botswana.

Here are a few examples of “I Will If You Will” challenge videos:

Jessica Alba and the Honest Co. – this one is just fun! I have accepted this challenge by going here.

I am completing this challenge by signing-up for The Essentials Bundle from The Honest Co., their products are eco-friendly. But you don’t have to buy products to be earth friendly. You can make your own cleaners, detergents and air fresheners. You wouldn’t believe the versatility of White Vinegar, Baking Soda and lemon.

Here are some helpful links for making eco-friendly/home made cleaning products:

All you


A Bowl Full of Lemons – 10 Ways to Clean with Vinegar


Other Challenges:

The European Commissioner for the Environment – stop using your car for a week and he will sing us a song!

Miranda Kerr – Upload your own challenge and get a free yoga class!


What is the impact? (from earthhour.org)

Across the globe, Earth Hour’s IWIYW campaign on YouTube has attracted four million participants and received more than 200,000 commitments from individuals, businesses, organisations and governments, all taking their action for the action for the planet far beyond the hour.

Had I researched this earlier, I probably would have tried to come up with a challenge myself. Maybe next year!

Anyone out there doing this? Let me know how you feel and if you decide to take any challenges. Leave a comment!

PLEASE turn off your lights from 8:30-9:30 local time this Saturday March 23. It is the small steps that start a big change!


Earth Hour Badge

Earth Hour Badge

Pin this image and commit to turning your lights off for an hour…that is a start!




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