Jessica Alba Broke My Blender

I recently started reading Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life. The book, which I am enjoying so far, goes into detail about the toxicity of  everything we use on a daily basis. She discusses how we can move away from toxic chemicals and start being “honest” to ourselves and in our choices. Everything from shampoo to food choices are discussed. There are recipes, product suggestions and some very honest opinions about products. If you haven’t already, check out my review of her company, The Honest Co. – I highly recommend the Healing Balm

The Honest Life, Jessica Alba

One of the recipes included in the book is for a smoothie that Jessica Alba drank to fill-up in the mornings while trying to lose her baby weight. I heart smoothies, and I too, am trying to lose that lovely flab left over from growing a person. So, this weekend at the grocery store I picked up the ingredients to make several servings of this delicious smoothie.

Now, I will tell you up front that I am not sure if I ever used the blender correctly. There are a lot of buttons that seemingly do the same thing: liquefy,  puree, chop (alright, that sounds different) it all sounds the same and generally produces the same result. My husband and I enjoy peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip smoothies but sometimes the blender takes a long time to turn-them out, no matter what button I press.

I took out the ingredients to make this jam packed smoothie: Kale, apples, lemons, celery and cucumbers. I chopped the kale and put it in, then I cored the apples and put them in- this made me nervous. When on a regular basis your blender can’t seem to break apart a banana, expecting it to “liquefy” an apple seems pretty far fetched.

My Blender

I pressed one of the buttons – loud noise ensued – but the kale, well it just sat there. I stopped it, walked away, because as we all know walking away changes the out come when you return, came back and pressed a button. Loud noise ensued once again, and I could see the kale starting to liquefy or puree – in other words there was green liquid at the bottom. Phew, thought I, hopefully it will work with the apples.

I was washing some dishes and letting the blender do its thing, when I heard a strange sound. I went over to the blender and turned it off to give it a break. I take the thing out once every couple of weeks, but please blender, take that break. I turned it back on, it looked good so I continued cleaning.

Then I heard a strange noise again, this time it sounded like the blender was suffering a little bit more. I walked over and the blender was SMOKING. Yes, that is correct, SMOKING! So I turned it off and unplugged it. I took it apart only to find that it was smoking   because the bottom part had started to MELT. Then when I dumped the food out I saw that the blades on the inside had completely bent down, as in not pointing in the correct direction in order to make my food into a smoothie! From kale! It hadn’t even gotten to the apples yet.


How the heck did this happen? Now, I have wasted a ton of food and I am down a blender. I did not get to have what had the potential to be a very delicious and nutritious breakfast smoothie.

And that, is the story of how Jessica Alba broke my blender.

Has a celebrity ever broken one of your appliances?

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Broke My Blender

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  3. Hi! I just started reading your blog, and am excited to read more. I noticed no one had commented on this post. I have made more than a few smoothies in the last year and a half, and there are a few key things I have learned in that time. I thought I would share them for your next smoothie attempt!
    – Many recipes online (or in books) assume you have a Vitamix or other equally powerful blender, that can make quick work of nearly anything. If you are working with a normal – or even an old! – blender, you may have to adapt those recipes by chopping things up, and possibly even adding ingredients in stages.
    – Normal and older blenders can sometimes struggle blending greens – they’ll get wrapped around the blades – so if you find that happening, try placing a different ingredient at the bottom.
    – Another way to deal with blenders that struggle with greens is to puree a bunch of greens in a food processor and then freeze, and just pull out a portion of the greens for each new smoothie. I know this sounds like extra work, but I have found it makes for a smoother smoothie and helps cut the bitter taste some greens have when freshly cut, which can help if you’re trying to convince kids/spouses to try it out. Also, this allows you to more effectively plan smoothie greens into a budget (or take advantage of a sale!).
    Hope that helps!

    • You are AWESOME for giving me these tips! Hopefully I get a new blender or a food processor soon. I miss my smoothies… Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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