#Blogging and #Networking: Blog Hops

It is Eco-Vegan Thursday but there was something else I preferred to write about so I am straying off the path a bit here…

Today I am taking part in a Blog Hop. This is a way to connect and network with other bloggers, who may or may not be in your niche. Links are provided to their blogs, everyone comments on each others blogs and then links up to their Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, etc. You grab a button from the host(s) and then people know you are participating.

You are not forced to follow anyone or anything you do not agree with but leaving comments and following new people means more traffic to your site. So following people outside of your niche is a great way to really get your blog out there.

Today’s Blog Hop: Grow Your Blog

I have already visited 7 or 8 blogs and I found a few that I really liked. This even connected me to some really great Pinterest Boards. All of this is getting my name and blog out there.

Just to harp on the importance of networking a little more: The reason I found this blog hop (and really, the reason I know that blog hops and such networking opportunities exist) is because of The SITS Girls.

When I started blogging again and I knew I was super serious about making it my business, I started scouring the internet for tips and tricks. I came across the SITS Girls. This website provides tips and tricks for bloggers and empowers women to get their words out there into cyberspace. Everyday I log on to read about the featured blogger; I comment on her blog and then I see who else is commenting. This then makes me visible to that blogger and all others participating. I know that I have new people following my blog and my Twitter because of The SITS Girls.  I haven’t decided to connect with every single blogger, they aren’t all for me, but I do read the featured blog everyday because everyone deserves a little traffic on their site!

This week, one of the featured bloggers was Paula, from Call Me PMc. She posts some great recipes. And everyone loves a good recipe.

Call Me PMc

I enjoyed her blog and went back again today, only to find that she was hosting a blog hop. See how those connections work…

If you are a blogger, it is so important to do your research and network. Don’t shy away from a day of reading and commenting on blogs. Pay attention to all of the resources out there and you will become connected and maybe even, eventually…popular!

Don’t forget to vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs! This is another way I am getting my blog out there. The more votes, the more visible I am in the blogging community.

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5 thoughts on “#Blogging and #Networking: Blog Hops

  1. PMc is one of my favorite blogger friends! She can be so funny. You do meet great people on blog hops! I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you find time to do the same.

  2. Hi Kelly!
    Thank you so much for stopping by the GYB Hop today! I really enjoyed reading this post. Paula and I host the Hop each week so we hope you will join in each week. I’m already following you via Twitter but now I am following via email.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  3. I’ve found that many, many blog hops are a waste of time. People just come to your blog and leave a beige-ish comment and tell you to come to their blog. Not into it. I do a couple that I like but …

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