#ClothDiaper Tuesday: Changes to #FuzziBunz

Last night FuzziBunz had a Twitter chat. It gave customers and retailers a chance to learn more about what is new and soon to come in the FuzziBunz world. Twitter chats are great because you can be directly connected with the folks running it and they will answer your questions immediately. They also released a video of the CEO discussing new and upcoming changes at FuzziBunz. Below is a brief summary of the changes.

There are some big changes to the 2013 One Size diaper:

1. A larger pocket for easier stuffing. This is great for bigger hands and more inserts. It also means moisture is less likely to wick away to the legs.


FuzziBunz One Size Diaper…soon to be even better!          

Photo from http://shop.fuzzibunz.com/One_Size_Diapers_p/fbos.htm

2. New elastic. Easier to change and might last a little longer.

3. New prints. Limited edition prints and new permanent colors. Including black. This is exciting for those of us who are obsessed with buying cloth diapers!

4. Microfiber inserts. They tested and found that microfiber was more absorbent than minky. Now each diaper will have 2 microfiber inserts rather than 2 minky. I haven’t had a problem with minky yet but my eco-baby is only 4 months.

 Photo from http://shop.fuzzibunz.com/product_p/di3p.htm

Other things they are working on:

Creating diapers for children with special needs. During the chat I mentioned that I thought this was a wonderful idea and the CEO tweeted that it was something she was truly passionate about. It was exciting to get to speak or “tweet” directly with her.

What I really liked is that the CEO encouraged purchasing from local retailers and not just directly from the FuzziBunz website. There are not a lot of physical retail locations for cloth diaper lovers, at least not in my area, but there are a lot of online retailers (who very well may be local). It is nice to see that as a company FuzziBunz supports those who support them. This is why I love and became an affiliate for FuzziBunz, they are just good people.

After the FuzziBunz chat Cottonbabies held their weekly Monday night Twitter chat to answer any questions cloth diapering folks might have. There was a soon-to-be mom who joined that chat to ask about cloth diapering her new baby. We were all able to give her tips. The beauty of social media!

If you have questions I am happy to help but checking out these Twitter chats is also a great idea. You can get a lot of answers not only from retailers but other cloth diapering fanatics on Twitter.

In the next few months I plan on organizing a cloth diaper and eco-parenting chat – will you join? I hope so! Please follow us on Twitter or start a discussion now on our Facebook page (and “Like” us while you’re there, too!)

Come back tomorrow for our weekly giveaway…This week a custom-made bow holder, that looks a little like this (I have a similar one and I LOVE it!): 


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