Cloth Diapers: Vegan Mama Loves FuzziBunz

When we were making the decision to cloth diaper we did a lot of research. We were trying to figure out what was the most affordable, most convenient and had the most positive reviews. If you remember from my previous post: Bottoms Up!: the Scoop on Cloth Diapering, there are many types of of cloth diapers. We decided to go with a pocket diaper. Pocket diapers are waterproof, generally only require stuffing some sort of absorbent insert in the pocket and can be thrown in the washing machine.

There are many brands of pocket diapers but we went with FuzziBunz. Here is why:

  1. FuzziBunz have a waterproof outer layer (Called PUL) and a fleece inner layer.  The waterproof layer means there is no additional cover needed. Fleece wicks moisture away from the skin and onto the absorbent insert. This means that baby doesn’t sit in a soaking diaper which helps to prevent diaper rash.
  2. FuzziBunz makes a one size diaper. This means that the diaper can grow with the baby. In other words there was no need to purchase small, medium, large. We registered for a bunch of the One Size Elite diapers and we can have them forever without ever having to worry about baby growing out of them.
    • They have buttoned elastic around the legs and waist that can be adjusted to fit your baby. These are inside the diaper and do not affect the comfort of the baby in any way. We have had to adjust this several times with our hungry and fast growing little one. It is a piece of cake!
  3. Each diaper came with 2 inserts and extra elastic. Elastic can start to relax so they send spare elastic just in case!
  4. They snap! Some cloth diapers and diaper covers use velcro as the “hook and loop” of choice. FuzziBunz uses adjustable snaps which means they last longer and can be snapped to fit your baby. Velcro can wear and eventually stop working. There are some mamas out there who prefer velcro but I like snaps!
  5. FuzziBunz can go in the washing machine. As with most cloth diapers a cloth diaper safe detergent must be used but they can be thrown in the washer and dryer. Easy enough!
  6. FuzziBunz have a Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers snap, PUL and workmanship defects under the written guidelines. I think that is pretty amazing. 
  7. We were able to register for FuzziBunz on So we received them as a gift and didn’t even have to pay to start our own stash!
  8. They can be pre-stuffed, making them easy to use for daycare providers (and family members). Pocket diapers in general are a great option for parents who have to leave their kids with childcare providers. They are easy to use because you can stuff them at home. This way a childcare provider only has to remove and replace the diaper. Even better is that FuzziBunz has snaps so diapers just snap on and snap off. No need to worry about anything else.

If you read up on cloth diapering you will likely come across something about trying out a few different types of diapers before committing to a brand. We didn’t do this and although we probably should have, it worked out for us. Since then I have tried others, but 90% of our cloth diaper stash is FuzziBunz.

You will come across parents who say that FuzziBunz just didn’t work for them. You will come across just as many (like me!) who say that they are the best!

At first, we had some leaking issues. Then we discovered it was because we weren’t tucking the insert in all of the way. Once we started doing that the leaking stopped!

Recently, my little one started leaking again. We wash our diapers with great care, so I knew it wasn’t an issue of the fabric repelling the liquid. Seems that my little one is growing up and becoming a heavy wetter! Now we just put 2 inserts in, especially at night, and the leaking has stopped.

Another great option for heavy wetters are FuzziBunz Hemp Inserts, they are very absorbent. I ❤ them.

If you are interested in FuzziBunz please use my affiliate link to search their website. When my website is updated I hope to sell FuzziBunz from my web store!

When I received the first delivery for my FuzziBunz stash I took this picture and posted it on Facebook. I was so excited! Isn’t it cute?!

Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper


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