A Day in the Life of a Working (outside the home) Mom Or Why My Underwear Was Inside Out

As a new Mom, routine becomes important, for everyone. I was LUCKY to receive 8 weeks of paid maternity leave (sad that 8 weeks is a good thing but it is) and then I tacked on 2 more weeks of my own vacation and sick time. And after 10 weeks of spending all day with my precious little one I returned to the daily grind. Except now, the grind was different because it wasn’t just about getting my lazy butt out of bed, it involved changing and nursing a baby. The old routine was out and the new much earlier routine was in…

My Day – Tuesday, February 19:

5am – Alarm goes off. Roll over, shut it off. No baby crying, close eyes…for just a second.

5:14am – Roll over, I should have been out of bed 14 minutes ago. Still no crying.

5:15am – Out of bed. Time for a shower.

5:35am – listen for baby. No noise, I can blow dry my hair. Think to myself, “why did I start blow drying my hair? For 27.5 years I never did and now I decide its a good time to tack that onto the morning routine…#badplan”

5:50am – Rush out of bathroom. I hear the coffee maker starting; Ah! That means it is already 5:50- I’m running late.
Wake little one up. Look at the beautiful smiling face. Grateful that she is a good night time sleeper at 3 months old.
Change diaper. Hear husband rustling around in bed(lucky him) “Are you running late this morning?”
“Yea, I guess I got a late start” I snap.

5:58am – Take baby into living room to nurse. Going to have to cut this one short if I want to make the 6:33 bus.

6:17am – Give baby to Daddy for bottle. Run around and get dressed. Thank goodness I picked my clothes out last night. Run into kitchen take breakfast and lunch out of fridge.

Look at coffee maker – 6:28. Argh, I hope I don’t miss that bus. Quickly poor decaf coffee into cup (happy that its Starbucks day at work so I know I will be getting more coffee with caffeine later). Add soy milk.

Run and get coat and scarf out of the closet. Throw on my backpack (with the breast pump inside) and grab the bag with the packages that have to get to the post office.

6:35 (insert expletive here!) Maybe the bus is running late today.

“Bye, love you! Trying to make the 6:33.” I yell, as I run out the door.

Run outside. Realize on steps that I forgot my rings. Listen for bus…don’t hear anything. Run back in to get rings.

Run out again, looking like a bag lady. Look up and down the street. Missed the bus.

Go back inside. At least I get a few extra minutes with my family before heading off to work.

6:55 – Husband drives me to train station and eliminates the morning bus ride for today.

7:08 – Get on train.

7:45 – Get off train walk to subway

8am – Get off subway. Walk to Post Office to drop off packages.

8:30 am – Get to work. Run to the bathroom.

8:35 am – Pump. Answer e-mails.

9:20 am – Finish pumping. Go to bathroom and clean pump parts.

Place order with coffee runner. Remember that I am going sugar free this week – no french vanilla syrup. Need to kick start the that baby weight loss.

Tell co-worker I will go to gym with her at lunch time.

10am – Mmm, coffee.

Receive pics on phone of baby from father-in-law who is babysitting. Miss her so much, wish I was home.

work. work. work.

11am – Pump, again. Text co-worker to tell her that I won’t make it to the gym today.

11:45 – Finish pumping. Go to the bathroom. Ha! my underwear is inside out. Amazing I didn’t notice that the other 5 times I went to the bathroom.

work. work.

eat lunch.

Check Cloth Diaper Swap facebook page for good finds.

Check e-bay for updates on items I am selling.

Do research on Humidifiers and Vaporizers for baby. Tell husband I will stop at Kmart before I get on the train to pick up humidifier.

work. work.

3pm – Pump. Work. E-mail friend about starting a business. Talk to husband. Baby is vomiting and has pooped 3 times. She must not be feeling well. Now, I really want to get home.

3:35pm – Finish pumping. Throw pump parts in bag. Work. Check Facebook again.

3:50pm – Run to bathroom. Ha, underwear still inside out.

3:58pm – Throw on coat and scarf. Grab bags, a little lighter than this morning without the packages.

Head to elevator.

Walk to subway. Get off subway and walk to train station.

Run into Kmart. I think humidifiers will be on the 2nd floor with the appliances. Get on escalator. Walk the floor. Don’t see anything. Ask someone for help. Humidifiers are on the 1st floor; woops.

Walk around first floor, man I hope that I get a seat on the train. Find humidifiers, there is only one, not the one I want and it is big and expensive. Scrap that idea. What a waste of time.

Run to the train and get a seat.

Arrive at train station. Get off train and on to bus.

Walk in the door and see that beautiful smiling face.

Change clothes, put all items on the right way…

Change baby. Please don’t be poop, please don’t be poop. Oh thank goodness it isn’t poop.

Make dinner and start preparing for tomorrow. Get baby AND daddy to nap.

Some Mommy time.

Phew! Made it through the day.

Hopefully tomorrow I will put my underwear on the correct way. But there are no guarantees. As long as the baby is fully dressed and fed I feel like I have done my job.


12 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Working (outside the home) Mom Or Why My Underwear Was Inside Out

  1. I’m amazed that you’re pumping at work. That’s incredible and impressive. It’s frustrating to me that (I assume you’re in the U.S.) you get so little maternity leave. A year is standard here (Canada) and anything less seems almost shocking. But you’re doing a heck of a good job.

    • Thank you very much (I am in the US). I really appreciate that. Again, I was LUCKY to get 8 weeks paid. Most of my friends either got 6 weeks unpaid or 6 weeks at 1/3 paid. It is tough to believe that everyone is concerned about the importance of family and family values when they don’t even allow us enough time to be with our families.

  2. I’m trying to start a photography business and my husband says that I’m starting a part time job while also juggling two full time jobs – my preschooler and my baby. Mornings are a rush of nursing while also dressing the older one for school and then bundling up the poor, little, would rather be sleeping baby…breakfast for all of us. It’s a mess. I love it, but it’s a mess. And pumping in an office! That’s just..wow. No wonder we’re all so tired at the end of the day.

  3. 🙂 Thank you for this. I needed a good chuckle and to know that I’m not the only one who has crazy days. I give you tons of credit for going back to work.

  4. I love this post. I do not miss the days of pumping at work. When I look back I can’t believe I did it for so long. Though I am really glad I did.

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  6. Pumping at work was such a tough task. Specially when i am not wearing a nursing top,i have to remove the entire top and then pump.Later i got some nursing shirts,tops and dresses online.Really pretty tops with discreet openings from morph maternity.They were a blessing!

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