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Hoppy Bottoms provides baby planning, pre-natal and event planning services. Our focus is on helping you create a warm, welcoming, toxin-free environment for your growing family. We do this by providing services and consultations to help you choose the right products and stay stress free during pregnancy. Our specialties are cloth diapers and eco-friendly choices. However, we support all families no matter what their diaper or product choice may be. We are not perfectly green, either!

We are not a pre-natal medical service. But we can help you find a Doula, Mid-Wife or Obstetrician that meets your needs.

Kelly Gentry, Founder of Hoppy Bottoms

My interest in and passion for providing families with these services has grown out of my own experience as a pregnant woman and mom. I have always been environmentally conscious and this awareness carried into preparing my home and my life for a baby. I have a masters degree in Counseling and personal wellness is important to me. It is only natural that I would want to make sure women are making educated choices when it comes to personal wellness for themselves as well as their partners and children during pregnancy and beyond.

Hoppy Bottoms is a Business Member of the cloth diaper advocacy group the Real Diaper Association.

Prior to starting Hoppy Bottoms I was an event planner and coordinator for weddings, special events and children’s theme parties. This is work that I enjoy doing because it puts to good use my organizational skills as well as my creativity. Although additional services have been added and the name has been changed, Hoppy Bottoms still provides planning and coordination services for weddings, showers and other events.


Kelly and her Eco Baby

Some things I truly believe:

  • Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.
  • There is no room for judgment in parenting.
  • There IS only one perfect method to sleep train, potty train, or breast feed; that is whatever is working FOR YOU RIGHT NOW.
  • Giving birth is exhausting. Being home with a newborn is more exhausting.
  • Planning and then learning to let go of everything you planned is the key to a happy and successful pregnancy, birth, and family experience.
  • Your heart grows 100 sizes when you see your baby for the first time.

I hope you will consider using our services.

Happy Planning!

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We cannot provide medical advice and we are not responsible for any medical decisions you make.

hoppy bottoms business card

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